iMaze is proud to work David Costa and John Tagge, two of the most respected names in fitness. Working together, iMaze and our partners will continue to develop effective and innovative products for iPhones and fitness training.

David Costa

David Costa

David Costa

Confirmed and passionate sportsman, David has done many sports on a personal level (football, roller-skating, swimming, cycling) for his own pleasure, to enrich himself but also during his university courses in Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sportive Activities (S.T.A.P.S).

Today David has over 9 years of experience in physical training. His workouts are challenges against himself: he sets his objectives and implements the appropriate methodology (planed training and diet) to achieve them. His goals are mainly aesthetic because he attaches great importance to the body, but also functional and competitive because he practices Crossfit and weightlifting. Meanwhile, David seeks for optimal physical and mental health on a daily basis. With his training, David explores various purposes: from the pursuit of well-being to physical performances (maximum strength, explosiveness, strength endurance to body weight, development of Maximum Aerobic Speed “MAS”).

One of his ways of thinking is to never apply on others what he hasn’t already tried on himself, that’s why David tests all the techniques and workout methods as well as the diet advice he will give you.

Just like in his sport life, David always felt the need to stand out from others and get involved with different areas sometimes in opposite directions, to enrich himself. This is why he is also a certified fitness teacher thanks to the National Certificate of Sport and Health Educator (BEMF). This combination allows him to combine the beauty of the body and the beauty of movement to music through the aspect of choreography and dance in cardiovascular courses (step and aerobics).

David is also a great dancer of Cuban salsa, one of his passions.

To deepen the passion and worship that David has for the body, he entered a field where perfection and excellence are the hallmarks: modeling (see some of the pictures in the gallery section) and the fitness modeling competitions. In 2012, he won the “New York Model Championship of Muscle Mania”. For that, he must always be at his best physically.



John Tagge

With over 25 years of success, John Tagge is recognized as a leading authority in the field of fitness and health. He has transformed thousands of people’s lives through his inspirational training techniques in Heart Rate Training and high intensity EPOC (Afterburn) weight loss. The centerpiece of John’s training “curriculum” is his Tagge Afterburn program, which combines high-intensity interval training, with heart-rate monitoring. High intensity training is hands down, the most effective and efficient way to blast fat, when done correctly with heart rate monitoring.

“I love what I do,” says John. “My greatest desire is to be an agent for positive change in people’s lives. My gym is literally my classroom and every day is filled with opportunities to help my clients look and feel better. My goal is to educate them on the many mental and emotional benefits of physical exercise. Seeing them so profoundly influenced by that knowledge and experience those benefits first-hand as they progress toward and achieve their goals is immensely gratifying.” John holds an accreditation from the University of Irvine, CA and is an NSCA, IDEA-, and ACE-certified instructor. He is certified as a Heart Rate Performance Trainer.