If you had the power to design the best phone case for yourself what would it include? Give this question to many different people and you would find yourself with many different answers. You might also find that the perfect phone case would have to be many things to many people. The truth is, that is exactly what we did; we wanted to design a case that would satisfy the needs of everyone, including of course, our own desires. The result? The iMaze Mod+. A case that provides not only good looks and protection, but one which is at the center of a complete system to provide perfect integration between your home, office, and sporting lifestyles.

Thin to win…The truth is, many people don’t like any case on their phone; the added size and bulk can be a hassle and why cover up the spectacular Apple design aesthetic? We understand that and that is why we made the Mod+ strong enough for protection but thin enough that you will hardly know it’s there. The low-profile design accurately follows the smooth clean lines of the iPhone yet is durable enough to avoid scratches and strong enough to take a beating.

We’ll hold that…More and more, our phones have become the one essential that we don’t leave the house without. You asked for discreet, secure storage for a credit card or bills; perfect for a quick purchase or anytime you want to leave the wallet at home. The sliding rear cover or the Mod+ reveals a compartment that is convenient for your essential cards, money, or ID. (see Mod+ for iPhone 4,4s,5 and more)

Take me anywhere…Perhaps the most sought after feature was the ability for your phone to travel and transition seamlessly between all facets of your daily life, whether at the office, home, gym, or sporting activity. Just like you, we never liked having to switch phone cases for different activities or being forced to stow our phone in a bag or pocket while we pursue our passions. We addressed this by creating a single secure connection point on the Mod+ that allows you to easily take your phone anywhere. This simple slide and lock feature creates compatibility with the complete line of Mod+ accessories for running, cycling, driving, or any sporting activity. (see +Run, +Ride, and +Drive and more)

A sum greater than its parts…We knew that having your phone with you was only half the battle, the key to enjoying all the power of your device was an app platform that would collect, store and analyze the data of all your activities. So whether you are running, riding, driving or taking a walk in the park, our apps are hard at work, giving you valuable data about your workouts and location to help you get where you want to go and live an easy, active, healthy lifestyle while still having the power and convenience of iPhone at your fingertips. (see sportMate, pocketMate, and more)