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The Best Free Fitness App for Multiple Sports

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iMaze is known for its outstanding fitness sensors and heart rate monitors for sports, fitness, and training. So when we set out to design an app, we knew it would have to meet our own high standards. At the same time, we wanted something that would be easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to own. Our answer: iMaze Fitness.

We also wanted one app that would measure performance across a wide range of activity from casual to intense. We wanted an app that would provide training help, inspiration and social sharing. We have achieved that and more. iMaze […]

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SmartMate App – Update v3.0 is here!

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SmartMate App – Update v3.0

Unbeatable security for your devices and peace of mind for you. SmartMate works with the Bluetooth 4.0 security tag from iMaze, to protect your iPhone, iPad and other tagged valuables against loss.

After a serious makeover in performance and appearance, Smartmate app version 3.0 is here. We have added features, simplified the interface, and improved the look and feel of our security tag app. Now, using Pocketmate for personal property loss-prevention is easier than ever.


         What’s New in Version 3.0

SmartMate gets smarter with:

- Full iOS7 experience and new app navigation

- Quick access to alarm controls

- Individual […]

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    iMaze at the New World International Triathlon Hong Kong 2013

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iMaze at the New World International Triathlon Hong Kong 2013

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Hong Kong is a bustling, vibrant, world-class city known for its unique mix of cultures and ambitions. On Sunday, a new kind of energy was added as the first urban triathlon took place in the very heart of the city. The New World International Triathlon took place around the famous Avenue of Stars using the incredible skyline of Hong Kong and a sunny blue sky as a backdrop to a world class event.

Over 1000 participants across all age groups took part in the three-sport event which included amateurs, local sportsman, and professionals alike.  After a brisk swim in Victoria […]

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iMaze welcomes endorsements from two of the most respected names in fitness

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iMaze is proud to work David Costa and John Tagge, two of the most respected names in fitness. Working together, iMaze and our partners will continue to develop effective and innovative products for iPhones and fitness training.
David Costa

Confirmed and passionate sportsman, David has done many sports on a personal level (football, roller-skating, swimming, cycling) for his own pleasure, to enrich himself but also during his university courses in Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sportive Activities (S.T.A.P.S).

Today David has over 9 years of experience in physical training. His workouts are challenges against himself: he sets his objectives and implements […]

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Mod+ Kits for iPhone add convenience and savings

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Users asked for a better way to buy iMaze components and we delivered. Introducing, the iMaze Mod+ kits. Combining iMaze gear for the activities that are important to you and saving you money at the same time.


If you are a cyclist, check out the Mod+ Ride 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 kits. They put your phone on your handlebars and at your fingertips no matter how you ride. The kits combine the Mod+ case for iPhone and our universal fit bike mount. The Mod+ stays with your phone as a daily protective cover and a simple slide and lock system secures […]